Three bedroom family home in the northern part of De Aar. With spacious living rooms for a full house family. Kitchen is well equipt for the mom who wants to bake and cook. Neat bathroom. Huge stand for dad and the kids and out buildings. Fenced on all sides
De Aar,De Aar
3 rooms
799,000 R
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De Aar, Flat sale
If you choose one place to enjoy the Karoo farming atmosphere, this should be it! Situated in the midst of a sought-after area between De Aar and Britstown, this particular 8897 hectare farm is known as the "cream of the crop" due to its mere size, topography and well looked after veldt together with a wide variety of Karoo vegetation. The farm consists of 4 adjacent title deeds. Other buildings include a shearing shed, electric cooler room, 4 car garages, sheds and outbuildings. Accommodation on the one title deed is in an appealing 3- bedroom family homestead together with a one bedroom flat-let situated in a lush garden and swimming pool facility (dam pool). Furthermore the veldt is in near- pristine condition due to proper veldt management and conservative grazing over many years. The farms infrastructure including the roads, windmills and fences have been immaculately maintained. The convenient location makes it accessible from various destinations. It is situated 30km from Britstown and 60 km from De Aar. Due to an annual summer rainfall of 250 mm per annum, the carrying capacity of the pristine veldt is 1:18 LSU or 2140 small stock. All infrastructure for an extensive economically viable livestock farm is in place. The farm is blessed with excellent quality underground water for household and livestock purposes. This area is renowned for its excellent quality meat; wool and game production, together with the warm hospitality and friendliness of people who will make a stay in this unique area an unforgettable experience. The farm is sub-divided into various veldt types and well planned inner camps for efficient veldt management and utilisation. The topography consists of dolomite hills, valleys and plains which are covered with typical Karoo shrubs and various grasses. These areas are also ideal for various game species. All other farming infrastructure is in good repair. This includes: sheep and cattle handling facilities; windmills; earth dams; sub-mersible pumps; at least 2 water troughs in each and every inner- camp; Jackal proof perimeter fencing with good quality stock proof fencing dividing the inner camps. As a valuable add-on to the natural veldt, this farm is endowed with a river flowing intermittently several times add-on to the natural veldt, this farm is endowed with a river flowing intermittently several times per annum. Riverbed is covered with various grasses and reeds supplying additional fodder and grazing for the cattle as well. Due to good management, the sections of the river bed and banks are free of aliens (Prosopis trees). This farm is perfect for the discerning stock farmer and nature- lover, both because of what it is and because of the potential of what it can be! Karoo farms of this extent in this area seldom come onto the market. This idyllic area of Karoo remains exclusive to most of us mortals! For sale at R26,700,000.00 excluding VAT. The seller is a VAT vendor and if the purchaser is also a VAT vendor this sale could be a 0% VAT transaction. These title deeds can be bought separately or as a whole. The existing sheep on the farm are not included in the price, but excellent stud-quality Dorper ewes and rams are available at additional costs.
3 rooms
26,700,000 R
Situated in the midst of some of De Aar and Richmond's best sheep and cattle farms, this particular farm is known as an above average Karoo farm, due to its location and abundance of irrigation water. The farm comprises of 60% fertile "leegtes" with 40% valleys and hills. The farm lends itself to the production of superb quality products. All necessary infrastructures to operate an economically viable Karoo farm operation are in place. The farm is also ideal for game, especially the breeding of springbuck, oryx, kudu and exotic game species. The entire perimeter fencing is jackal proof and numerous inner-camps occur. The 5-bedroom farmhouse and all other infrastructure are in good repair. Totally remote in a cull-de-sac. No roads passing this farm. The beauty and nature surround you! Its attractive Karoo-like topography with the combination of pristine vegetation, abundance of water and excellent infrastructure makes this one of the top farms for sale in the Karoo! For sale at R22,800,000.00 RICHMOND: Karooplaas met goeie infrastruktuur en volop water. Ligging: Gelee nagenoeg 16 km vanaf die dorp Richmond. (6 km teer en 10 km grondpad). Daar is geen deurpaaie oor die plaas en is verder liggend vanaf hoofwee soos die N1 - hoofpad. Grootte: Dit bestaan uit 3 aangrensende gedeeltes (titelaktes) wat 'n eenheid van 7619,7087ha vorm. Reenval: 350 mm/jr. Reen meestal in die somer en ontvang ook winter reen met baie kapok. Natuurlike Weiding: Die natuurlike weiveld bestaan uit nagenoeg 60 persent leegteveld en 40 persent ranteveld met 'n drakrag van 18ha/GVE. Dit is bedek met uitstekende Karoobossieveld en 'n groot verskeidenheid smaaklike grassoorte. Die weiding is geskik vir skape, bokke, wild en beeste. (Op die plaas is heelwat koedoes, ribbokke, springbokke en gemsbokke.) Infrastruktuur: Weikampe, veesuipings en heinings: Die infrastruktuur van die plaas is redelik tot baie goed. Dit is verdeel in 14 weikampe plus 2 klein kampies met koekoejoe en die lande is goed afgekamp. Die buite heining is jakkalsproef asook sommige van die binneheinings. Die grootste gedeeltes van die binneheinings is stokproef. Daar is in totaal 5 veehanteringskrale en 2 dipgange. Die onderskeie weikampe is van 2 en meer veesuipings voorsien en sien soos volg daarna uit: - Kamp 1 (Damkamp): Een fontein, een windpomp, watertenk, en groot gronddam. - Kamp 2 (Wilgerboomkamp): Twee windpompe, een gronddam en een watertenk. - Kamp 3 ( Droe fonteinkamp): Twee veesuipings vanaf aangrensende kampe. - Kamp 4 (Kromhoek) : Twee windpompe , een sinkdam en een standhoudende fontein. - Kamp 5 (Blesbokkamp): Een windpomp, twee watersuipings plus twee fonteine - Kamp 6 ( Hammelkamp): Drie veesuipings , een windpomp, een watertenk en een sementdam, plus een fontein. - Kamp 7 ( Rooiberg) : Ontvang water vir suipings van aangrensende kampe. Het een fontein en 'n rivier wat seisoenaal vloei en deur die kamp loop. - Kamp 8 (Ooibokkamp) Een windpomp, twee veesuipings. Geen fontein. - Kamp 9 (Bakenskop) Drie veesuipings en fontein. Twee windpompe, een sementdam asook 'n groot gronddam. - Kamp 10 (Langkamp) Twee veesuipings. Kry water van aangrensende kampe. - Kamp 11 (Vaalkop) Twee windpompe, twee sementdamme en een watertenk en een groot gronddam. - Kamp 12 (Rooipootjie) Twee windpompe , twee watertenks, een fontein en een groot gronddam. - Kamp 13 (Onderste Rooiwalle) Twee waters en een fontein. Een windpomp en een watertenk. - Kamp 14 (Boonste Rooiwalle) Twee suipings van water van kampe aangrensend. Die kamp het 'n groot aantal weirs in die rivierloop. Besproeiing: Daar is 23 ha asook `n verdere 14.5 ha ingelyste besproeiingsgrond, waarvan 5 ha met lusern gevestig is. Geboue: Die netjiese ruim woonhuis het ondermeer 5 slaapkamers, 3 sit-/woonkamers, kantoor, naaldwerkkamer, kombuis, ens. Stoor, buitegeboue en 4 arbeidershuise. Eskomkrag is beskikbaar asook internet en het selfoonontvangs. Op die gedeelte is 'n groot stoor waar skape geskeer word en het twee arbeidershuise. Prys: R 22 800 000-00
5 rooms
22,800,000 R
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